Friday, March 23, 2012

Change the URLs in all .url files in the favorites folder

I wanted to play a joke on a co-worker and replace all the addresses in the .URL files in their favorites with a funnier (to me) address.

Now there's a lot of easier ways to do this, like making a generic .URL file, or just deleting them and downloading some new ones, but I wanted to make it difficult and parse through all the files and leave everything in tact just change the address in the URL= line.

-=The Script=-

@echo off
cd "%userprofile%\favorites"

for /f "tokens=* delims=" %%g in ('dir /b ^| find ".url"') do (
    for /f "usebackq delims=" %%a in ("%%g") do (
        set p=%%a
        echo !p!
        set u=!p:~0,4!
        echo !u!
        if /i "!u!" == "URL=" echo URL= >> "%temp%\%%g"
        if /i not "!u!" == "URL=" echo %%a >> "%temp%\%%g"
del /f /q *.url
copy /y "%temp%\*.url" *.url
del /f /q "%temp%\*.url"

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